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TitleBook of Mormon Personalities
Publication TypeEncyclopedia Entry
Year of Publication1992
Secondary AuthorsLudlow, Daniel H.
Secondary TitleEncyclopedia of Mormonism
Place PublishedNew York
KeywordsJacob (Son of Lehi); Jesus Christ; King Mosiah; Lehi (Prophet); Nephi (Son of Lehi)
Citation Key555

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Book of Mormon Personalities

The experiences, thoughts, feelings, and personalities of several individuals are brought to light in the Book of Mormon. Jesus Christ is central in the book; see Jesus Christ in the Scriptures: Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon.

The founding prophet was Lehi. For articles concerning him and members of his family, see Lehi; Laman; Nephi 1; Jacob, Son of Lehi; and Ishmael. Concerning Lehi's wife, Sariah, and the other women of the Book of Mormon, see Women in the Book of Mormon.

The last Nephite king (153-90 B.C. ) was Mosiah 2. For articles on his grandfather, father, and brother, see Mosiah 1, Benjamin, Helaman 1. From 90 B.C. to A.D. 321 the Nephite records were kept by descendants of Alma 1; see Alma 1; Alma 2; Helaman 2; Helaman 3; Nephi 2; Nephi 3; Nephi 4. The last Nephite prophets, military leaders, and historians were Mormon and his son, Moroni, Angel2, named after an earlier chief captain Moroni, Angel1.

Four other prophets figure prominently in the Book of Mormon; see Abinadi; Amulek; Samuel the Lamanite; and Brother of Jared. Prophets from the Old World quoted in the Book of Mormon include Ezias; Isaiah; Book of Joseph of Egypt; Moses; Neum; Zenock; and Zenos. Regarding the various groups of people in the Book of Mormon, see Book of Mormon Peoples; Jaredites; Lamanites; Mulek; and Nephites. See also Book of Mormon Names.]