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Come Follow Me Insights (Doctrine and Covenants 125-128)

TitleCome Follow Me Insights (Doctrine and Covenants 125-128)
Publication TypeVideo
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsHalverson, Taylor, and Tyler J. Griffin
PublisherBook of Mormon Central
Place PublishedSpringville, UT
KeywordsBaptism for the Dead; Nauvoo, IL; Red Brick Store; Relief Society; Temple Endowment; Temple Worship; Vicarious Work; Young, Brigham; Zarahemla, Iowa

Learn about the some of the interesting and lesser known details of the Nauvoo era in this video with Taylor and Tyler. Take a never before seen look into the upper room of Joseph and Emma's red brick store through an amazing 3D Model created by Eric Ducos. See a virtual representation of the room where the Relief Society was organized as well as the introduction of the endowment ceremony.

Citation Key9032

Scripture Reference

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