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"Because There Was No Darkness" - The Birth of Christ: A Book of Mormon Perspective

Title"Because There Was No Darkness" - The Birth of Christ: A Book of Mormon Perspective
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBook of Mormon Central Staff
Number of Pages53
PublisherBook of Mormon Central
CitySpringville, UT
KeywordsChristmas; Isaiah (Book); Jesus Christ, Birth of; Land of Jerusalem; Mary (Mother of Jesus); Prophecy; Samuel the Lamanite; Tree of Life; Wise Men

Each year during Christmastime, neighborhoods are illuminated by hundreds of little lights, filling all with a sense of wonder. These decorations awaken within us a sense of joy and hope as we remember the lights—a new star and glorious angels (Matthew 2:2; Luke 2:9–14)—which illuminated the night that first Christmas in Judea some 2000 years ago.

But we should not forget the lights that shone upon the Nephites that first Christmas. They also saw the new star (3 Nephi 1:21) as well as an entire night without any darkness (3 Nephi 1:15, 19). For the believing Nephites, that light was lifesaving—because there was no darkness, their lives were spared. Since that night, vast numbers of disciples of Christ have been filled with the Savior’s light.

However, the Book of Mormon’s testimony of the birth of Christ does not begin on that night. Samuel the Lamanite prophesied of those signs five years earlier (Helaman 14:2–8), and various Book of Mormon prophets going back to Lehi had spoken in great anticipation of coming birth of Christ.

At Book of Mormon Central, we have discussed several of these prophecies in our KnoWhys over the past few years. As a special thank you to our readers, viewers, and friends, we have collected those KnoWhys here, and present them together under the heading: Because There Was No Darkness: The Birth of Christ, a Book of Mormon Perspective.

May there be no darkness for you this Christmas season, and may the light and life of Christ fill your hearts this Christmas season, and always.

Merry Christmas,

Book of Mormon Central


Because There Was No Darkness